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How You Can Reduce Your Classic Car Insurance Premiums

The common notion is that classic car insurance is more expensive than ordinary insurance. This is because the cars are rare and their spares are scarce. Also, their safety features are not as effective as those in modern cars. What’s more, there are few specialist insurers that offer this sort of cover. However, it’s not completely true that insuring a classic car is more expensive than normal cars. In fact, you can enjoy lower premiums by following the tips below:

Have another Car for Daily Driving

Rather than using your classic or vintage car as a daily driver, you should have another more modern car. In the eyes of the insurer, driving a car that has been around for 30plus years is more dangerous. The structural integrity may be wanting, it still relies on aging safety mechanism, and finding spares is a headache. This is why they would rather charge you more for the inconvenience. Nonetheless, you can lower the premiums by owning another car which you will be driving daily.

Limit the Miles You Cover

You can reduce the premiums by setting the approximate miles you will be covering during the agreed time - the lower the mileage the lesser the insurance premium. The insurer understands that since the classic will be rare on the roads, the chances of getting involved in an accident are also slim. Furthermore, the wear and tear on the car is also reduced. However, it’s critical not to exceed the agreed mileage as this violates the terms of engagement.

Ensure You Have Proper Storage

Classic cars are “hot” products in the market especially for collectors. Though the car may not easily sell in the ordinary market, private buyers and collectors are always looking for them. This means that the classic car insurance will be quite high especially for some models. You can however reduce the cost of insurance by making certain you have a good storage point. A car that is stored in a well-secured and safe environment is more likely to attract lower premiums than that parked on the open street.

Go To a Specialist

More-often-than-not, it’s more feasible and economical to go to a specialist classic car insurer. First-of-all, the service provider is well-versed with the cars. Secondly, the insurer is familiar with cost of maintaining and servicing the car. Thirdly, the insurance firm works with leading collectors, classic car enthusiasts, as well as garages. The company is therefore able to offer more competitive rates compared to the normal insurance firm. It also helps to compare different providers to further understand their terms and conditions.

It doesn’t matter how old you are!

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