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Normally, the older we get, the more experience we have on the road and also no claims bonuses (NCB) we stack up, this generally decreases the cost of car insurance policies because insurers have enough history on the way you have been driving up until this point, therefore they will typically provide you with a much lower quotation which is always nice to see..

However, when we reach a point in our our life which is in the 70s the risk of having an accident in the eyes of the insurance provider, increases, simply due to natural causes, eyesight, reaction time, illness, this can’t be prevented, although if you are in a healthy state with nothing on your record, this shouldn’t concern you too much and you will still find great car insurance prices.

So there you have it, your classic car insurance age could potentially increase your policy prices but it can also lower them too, providing you have had no previous claims…. Check this article out to find out what exactly makes a car a classic here.

In terms of the cars age, the age of the car you would like to insure does contribute to the policy cost, for example if your car is 25 years of age, then this would be considered as a classic car for sure and the insurer may charge a little extra on your premium simply because the older the car, the more valuable it would be, this is why it is very important to use us for example to get you the best possible prices without having to go from one insurer to another, this can be quite tiresome to say the least.

When you obtain a quote from us, our quote form will ask you the age of your car and its market value estimate, even though our specialists will know the estimated value of a vehicle, we like to ask our customers what their price would be or the valuation of their car would be, some of our insurers allow independent valuations from 3rd party classic car specialists so these estimates can be taken into consideration when they offer you a price to cover your classic car which is very nice indeed.

Most other comparison sites don’t specialise in a certain type of insurance but our panel of insurers are specialist for classic cars so you would be a fool not to at least check your price and don’t forget to make sure you get the age of your car entered correctly, this could make a huge difference when obtaining a quote.

If you require any additional information about the age of you and your classic car, feel free to contact us using our email address or contact form, we will happily answer to any questions you may have.

It doesn’t matter how old you are!

We can get you a classic car insurance quote for all ages, you will be surprised at how cheap our quotes can be, There’s no obligation to buy from any of our insurers, just get a quote to see how much you can save. Make sure you’re getting a cheap insurance quote that covers you for the things that matter. In a few minutes, you could save a lot of money. Go ahead, get a quote now!

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